This modality really is a complement to Western, or Traditional, Medicine. When used in conjunction with Traditional Medicine, it provides the best, most complete, results. Acupuncture generally involves the placement of needles into specific points throughout the body, which work by stimulating the nervous and vascular systems, with later recruitment of the various other systems in the body to provide better balance, reduce pain, and speed healing. I use mostly “dry needling”, laser acupuncture, and electroacupuncture in my practice, as determined by the patient’s individual needs and tolerance.

Spinal Manipulation

More commonly known as chiropractic or manipulative therapy, this modality involves returning joints to operation within their normal range of motion. When joints are operating outside of their normal range of motion (subluxated) they can be painful, causing poor performance, sore muscles and making the animal susceptible to significant injury. This can lead to arthritis, as the joints become irritated, inciting a significant inflammatory response. Many causes of lameness can be triggered by weaknesses within the axial skeleton. This modality works to identify and treat those vulnerabilities and weaknesses.


Kinesio Taping is used for a variety of reasons, including support or relaxation of soft tissue structures, relief of muscle tension, support of joints, reduction of pain and inflammation. Sacro-Occipital chiropractic and CMRT involve balancing of the nervous system through adjusting biomechanics and energy flow from head to tail. CMRT specifically addresses the visceral (internal organ) patterns of the body and is able to encourage proper function of these organs. It’s incredibly powerful and effective for hard-to-treat systemic issues and animals with sensitive nervous systems.